Fri - September 2, 2005

Scott Miller - 2004 

Last night I had the chance to see Scott Miller and the Commonwealth play at the Mucky Duck . Scott is a not only a wonderful musician with a rocking band, but also an alumnus of my high school and college .

I got the chance to exercise my Digital Rebel at the concert before the batteries died, and this was my first real use of the 800 ISO setting on the camera. I must admit to being pretty pleased with the camera's performance under the circumstances, though I would favor the 50mm f/1.4 over the 50mm f/1.8 I used to make this shot. I got to try out Noise Ninja and nik Sharpener Pro too, which both sped the workflow quite a bit. I love Noise Ninja, but I think I might investigate some alternative sharpening methods before trying this type of shoot again.

You can see a few more photos by clicking here. 

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Wed - July 14, 2004

Italy 2004 

Okay, we just got back from our trip to Italy and I have posted three galleries of photo here (look at those thumbnails in the left-hand column). I think that the most interesting set, unless you have Vizachero blood in your veins, is Part II. All of these were shot digitally, mostly on my Canon EOS Digital Rebel but also on my wife's Canon S60. The one above seems to be the favorite of many folks, even though it could have been taken anywhere. I actually took it in Montepulciano during a day-trip. That's my dad and my daughter.

The most interesting set to me, however, is Part III which includes the shots of the family we found. My grandfather and great-grandfather emigrated from Caira, which is a small village near Cassino in southern Lazio. Caira is very near the abbey of Montecassino, as you can see in this next shot. Well, maybe you can see it: Caira is at the bottom of the photo and Montecassino is up on the mountain. This shot was taken from the road from Caira to Terrelle.

Anyway, we arrived in Caira late on a Friday afternoon and started knocking on doors (with some invaluable help from Sergio Saragosa , the man who literally wrote the history of Caira ). By 7:00pm we had visited the households of three cousins, including the incomparably charming Benedetta Meta, daughter-in-law of my grandfather's brother, Antonio.

I'll put some more about this in my genealogy blog when I get a chance, so check there if this interests you at all.

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Sun - June 13, 2004

Italy 2001 

Finally, nearly three years after the trip, I have scanned and published the photos from our trip to Italy .

We were lucky enough to spend a month there right after business school and before we moved to Texas.

The photos I took there don't begin to capture the great time we had there, but I wanted to share them anyway. Several cities from our travels are completely absent, either because I forgot to take any photographs there or the ones I took weren't very good. All of these images were captured on slide film and scanned by my Nikon Coolscan V. Many of the shots were taken with my Canon EOS RT, but many were taken with my trusty little Nikon Lite-Touch point-and-shoot.

Click here to view the photos! I suggest opening the page in a new window (right-click the link, then choose "Open in new window") to minimize the need for scrolling. 

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Sun - May 30, 2004

Steve - 1992 

Steve and I roomed together my sophomore year at William & Mary, and were more or less inseparable afterwards for a couple of years.

This shot was taken on the roof/balcony of the group house on Randolph Street in Arlington, VA that we shared with Gordon and Lisa. I am virtually certainly this I took this in December, 1992. That's not because of the Christmas lights (who needs a special occasion for those?), but because of the surrounding shots on the roll. That was shortly after I finished college and well before I started shooting professionally.

This one was shot on plain-old Kodak Gold 400 color negative film, and I am not 100% satisfied with the scan and post-processing. I recall using a bounce flash off the side of the house, with a slow shutter speed to try to pull in a little ambient illumination. Color balance was a real problem, as was finding the right amount of sharpening. I might try it again, but there are too many negatives and too little time. . . . 

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Thu - April 29, 2004

Nancye - 1990 

Well, I couldn't stand to have that 1987 photo at the top of this Blog for another day so here is something a little different.

This photograph of Nancye was taken in early March, 1990 on the campus of William & Mary.

I shot it on Kodak T-Max 100 film. You can tell from the blocked highlights and abnormally large grain structure that I had not yet figured out how to properly develop the film. This was pretty early in my photographic career: I hadn't even purchased my first camera yet, I don't think. This was probably taken with a camera I borrowed from the Colonial Echo, the W & M yearbook. The Echo had a pair of Nikon N8008 (how I hated those) and a FM2n, I think. I really didn't pick up an SLR for the first time until late 1989 (I'll share a photo from that session someday).

Still, I can't imagine a picture capturing Nancye any more perfectly than this. This photo looks like I remember her in my mind's eye. 

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Mon - April 26, 2004

Market Crash of 1987 

I'll concede that this one is a bit lacking in artistic merit, but it brings back a lot of memories for me.

As the sign suggests, this was taken on 19 October 1987 (the day the Dow dropped 503 points in a single session). I wasn't much of a Dow-watcher then, but my hallmates on Dupont 3rd East apparently were. What an oddball lot of guys we were. I still miss them, and wish I'd done a better job of keeping up with them.

This was shot on Kodak Gold 400 film, using an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera of forgotten make. I didn't really catch the photography bug until late in my sophomore year, so my equipment is lacking. It's possible that I didn't take this shot (being that I'm in it and all -- second row, second from the left. Yes I had a mustache then.), but given my odd position and expression I suspect I was using my camera's self-timer 

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Sun - April 25, 2004

Dave Matthews Band - 1993 

This is the first entry in my Photo Blog. Most of the shots I take now are simple snapshots of my family, and I'll continue to post those as I have been doing (generally without commentary).

But as I work through the process of organizing and scanning the boxes and boxes of slides and negatives I have accumulated over the last decade or more, I intend to refresh this site regularly with some of the shots I find most interesting. Or ones I simply want to share.

This shot of Dave Matthews (right) and Boyd Tinsley was taken in October or November of 1993 in Charlottesville, VA. I suspect that this performance was the Remember Two Things Release Party, but I'm not certain.

During the performance at Trax, I shot a roll of KODAK PROFESSIONAL High-Speed Infrared and a roll of Ektachrome as well. This shot is from the infrared roll, the processing of which I must have botched because the film base is substantially fogged. Or maybe the film was old or over-heated. In any event, my Nikon Coolscan V ED couldn't detect it when I tried to scan it using the strip film adapter so I ended up cutting out this single frame and sticking it into a slide mount.

High-Speed Infrared is a very low resolution film with very coarse grain, and it can be challenging to work with. Because of it's sensitivity to infrared light, which most normal light meters can't measure, setting the exposure requires a lot of trial and error. I like using it in concert settings because incandescent lights throw off a substantial amount of IR light. 

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